May 30, 2013

terry white’s “intro to creative cloud” event

join us on june 4 for a thorough overview of creative cloud and all the news that was announced at last month’s adobe MAX event. 
March 27, 2013

“app stacking”, sally style

it’s no secret that i’ve come to love “iphoneography” and have been experimenting with techniques and apps, to upload my finished images to instagram.
February 10, 2013

using google chrome browser & adobe connect 9

if you want adobe connect 9 to open natively and not within the chrome browser, here is how you set it up.
October 25, 2012

october 2012 “photoshop challenge”

everyone is welcome to do this challenge. we do them every month, and it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with. join in the fun here.
June 30, 2012